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This Permaculture Design Course at Heartland combines the full accredited curriculum for the world-renowned Permaculture Design Certification with a People Care Extension that includes a dozen specialized sessions on Social Permaculture & Herbalism.

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Through ecological design we weave ourselves back into earth’s natural systems in symbiotic ways; and through applying these same design principles to human communities, reimagine and embody what it means to be in mutually beneficial relationship with each other.

The Permaculture Design Course will cover:



  • Ethics
  • Site Analysis and Assessment
  • Principles
  • Base Mapping
  • Design Process
  • Zones and Sectors
  • Design Methods
  • Urban/Suburban/Rural Permaculture Strategies

Horticulture and Regenerative Agriculture:

  • Perennial Agriculture
  • Polycultures and Plant Guilds
  • Food Forests and Edible Forest Gardens
  • Soils and Compost
  • Propagation Techniques and Plant Care

Ecological Design:

  • Rainwater Harvesting: Catchment and Storage
  • Alternative Energy and Appropriate Technology
  • Greywater and Aquaculture
  • Climate Appropriate Design and Adaptive Strategies for Housing and Agriculture


Social Permaculture:

  • Community Organizing & Logistics of Liberation
  • Alternative Economies
  • Community Land Trusts
  • The Just Transition
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitation & Decision Making
  • Restorative Justice and Accountability Processes
  • Direct Action
  • Land Access and Issues of Land Use
  • Ecovillages & Community Design Process
  • Neighborhood Design & Placemaking
  • Collaborative Group Dynamics
  • Bioregional Governance
  • Approaches to Autonomy & Mutual Aid


  • Human-Earth Interrelationships
  • Medicine Making: Tinctures, Salves, Teas
  • Basics of Planetary Energetics
  • Plants for Relief and Basic First Aid
  • Medicinal Plants in the Landscape
  • Home Apothecary
  • Medicinal Plant Guilds


About The Teachers

Sarah Wu 

With 25 and counting, 75+hour Permaculture Design Courses in her portfolio, Sarah teaches full length and specialized Permaculture courses and workshops tailored to community dynamics, event production and holistic health. Sarah is the friendly Village Witch, co-founder and producer of Envision Festival, where she curates the educational offerings and founded the unique Herbal First Aid Clinic Training.

Sarah Wu is a passionate educational curator, facilitator and mentor dedicated to adult learners of all backgrounds. A representative for Mother Nature as a writer and teacher of Deep Ecology, Therapeutic Ecology and whole systems design through the lens of Herbalism and Permaculture. Sarah Wu has 19 years studying the science, art and craft of Planetary Eclectic Herbal Medicine. Her foundation is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Wise Woman Tradition, actively practicing clinical herbalism in the Neo-Tropics for 10 years.

She founded and produced Medicines from the Edge: A Tropical Herbal Convergence, dedicated to bridging the eclectic healing traditions of Latin America, produced the Permaculture Plaza and Village Witches at the Oregon Eclipse, is a regular faculty member at the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies and Atitlan Organics,  is a faculty member of the Permaculture Women’s Guild and a regular contributor to organizations such as NuMundo and United Plant Savers. She has studied with numerous leaders in the Western Herbalism renaissance, such as David Winston, Rosemary Gladstar, Paul Bergner, and 7Song and has worked in relief efforts in Guatemala and at Natural Doctor’s International on the island of Omatepe, Nicaragua. 


Ryan Rising

Ryan Rising brings more than a decade of permaculture design and implementation to his teaching. Learn from a facilitator who has organized more than 100 Permaculture Action Days in cities and land projects throughout the country. Ryan is a conduit of social permaculture and community building practices stretching from the relational to the economic with a specific eye toward practical organizing in the real world. 

Ryan Rising is a community organizer and permaculture educator based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and co-founder of the Permaculture Action Network

After a decade working with various social movements around direct action, food justice, ecological design, and community living, Ryan organized the Permaculture Action Tour with music producer The Polish Ambassador in the fall of 2014. Over the last five years the Permaculture Action Network has partnered with touring artists and large cultural events like Rising Appalachia and Lightning in a Bottle to mobilize 15,000 people to days of action at community spaces and permaculture projects building regenerative systems such as natural buildings, medicinal gardens, & edible schoolyards.

Ryan has been integral in co-organizing these 100 Permaculture Action Days across the continent, bringing hundreds of people at a time to take hands-on action building greenhouses, rainwater catchment earthworks, perennial gardens, and a diversity of other regenerative systems at community spaces including public food forests, urban farms, and ecovillages. 

Ryan also co-founded the Gill Tract Community Farm, which produces tons of organic food annually that is distributed for free all around the Bay Area, and the Omni Commons, an urban commons and community center; and continues to work on growing the movement for a just transition through facilitation of the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, the Non-Profit Democracy Network, and a variety of other organizing projects. 

Guest Teachers

Ali Meders-Knight
I'm a local Mechoopda Indian Tribal member, advocating for ecosystem health based on community land management. Importantly, I’m an activist who brings up historical knowledge of colonization and promotes decolonized education to local youth. My work centers around Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), which is based on 20,000 years of place-based knowledge of our local ecosystems and watersheds. My people managed this land collectively to achieve peace, prosperity, and health for all who lived here. This is why it’s important now to educate the whole community on how to manage the land, as it sustains our economy.

Explore more at:

Samyol SoulFire
Lead garden consultant and workshop teacher is Samyol Soulfyre owner of the landscape consulting firm Full Circle Garden Solutions. He has been teaching for over 8 years and has developed dozens of gardens successfully using permaculture principles. His teaching method is high energy and very entertaining for participants. During multiple hands on sessions we will learn to Grow more & Waste less through Regenerative Permaculture Landscaping. Together we will learn how to create an effective design for your land is essential to saving money, boosting your yields, and having a more enjoyable relationship with the land.

Explore more at:

Permaculture Design Certification Details

There is an integral and reciprocal relationship between the health of the environment and human health. We cultivate our wellness simultaneously with the regeneration of the biological life systems that support our planet earth. Through the lens and practical application of herbalism as a modality for ecosystem and human regeneration we will expand our understanding of the core Permaculture ethic of People Care by laying a foundational review of the ways in which we can integrate holistic wellness into our land and community design.

Explore social permaculture to assist you in building strong relationships that will create the most solid foundation for your vision. Learn how to build a community that can co-create viable and regenerative organization models to bring your dream vision to life.

The Permaculture Design Course will be supplemented with guided movement and meditation practices, and will culminate in group permaculture design projects.

Dive into a lakeside PDC in the rolling oak-covered foothills of the California Sierra Nevadas. Enjoy profound lessons from teachers with over 30 years of collective permaculture hands-on experience. Make powerful connections, eat well, and enjoy amazing sunsets. We welcome you to Heartland!

Heartland Collective is an off-grid, solar-powered, 25 acre lakeside venue and regenerative business incubator. The Heartland Collective is excited to offer its first annual Permaculture Design Course. This is an opportunity to join Heartland’s nutrient-rich culture and be a part of a budding ecovillage.

Why say YES Now?

  • Immune Health
  • Practical Community Organizing Skills
  • New Career
  • Gain Knowledge of the Local Ecosystem
  • Connection
  • Land Restoration

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We want you to say YES to this because we want you to be part of the Heartland Collective culture for life.

We want to make this invitation easy and stack all our functions into long term win-win-win creations.

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How many people will be joining the PDC?

  • There will be 20-30 participants and 3-5 teachers on site
  • If the group size is not at 18 people by March 1st, an event email cancelation warning will be sent out. If the class size is not 18 by March 12th the PDC will be canceled and refunds will be offered. 

What are the accommodations?

  • Price includes a place to camp, showers, and access to bio-filter toilets.
  • Upgraded "Glamping" option including canvas tent, bed, & sheets is available for an additional fee.

What are the COVID-19 pre-cautions?

  • As of 10/01/2020, socially distanced outdoor events with less than 50 people are presumed to be low-risk
  • In the case of another outbreak, the PDC may be canceled and full refunds would be offered
  • In the case any participant gets COVID-19 before arriving to the PDC he/she would receive a full refund
  • All participants are requested to not arrive to event with any COVID-19 symptoms
  • All participants will be requested to take extra safety precautions during March 2021
  • If either teacher has COVID-19, or is unable to travel due to any type of travel ban, new comparable teachers will be found to teach the PDC. Refunds will not be provided if either teacher is specifically not able to teach.

At the event:

  • All attendees will be temperature checked upon entering the property
  • Social distancing will be encouraged
  • Whenever possible, all teaching will be outdoors
  • Washing stations & hand sanitizer will be available