Our vision is to activate life purpose

What are you truly here for?

The general population is disconnected from themselves, each other, and the land they inhabit, but life is ripe for reinvention.

Heartland offers people a space to fully activate their role in making the world a better place, and a view of what can be co-created with each other for each other.

In a similar way the forest and jungle thrives, Heartland Collective uses permaculture principles to make sure the organization as a whole benefits from the activities and services it offers. The goal is to offer humans the same abundant lifestyle the jungle offers its diverse species.

We invite you to join us through one of our programs, to further explore this question for yourself. ​

Leadership Team


Anders Gustavsson

Co-Founder and Visionary
A seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience under his belt across various industries. Faced with a world full of problems begging for solutions, it became abundantly clear to him that entrepreneurship was the only path worth exploring and acquired diverse skills in branding, design, land development, construction, farming, and regenerative social design. At this time, he also began his dedicated path of personal and spiritual growth.

In 2013, he initiated the Heartland Collective in Northern California, a 25-acre regenerative educational hub that masterfully blends his skills. Heartland's unique membership system and replicable model redefine land stewardship. Beyond Permaculture's traditional farming associations, Anders incorporates its principles into every aspect of lifestyle design.

Anna-Lena (Shama) Gustavsson

Co-Founder and Visionary
Shama is the mother of Anders and a primary investor. With decades of somatic wisdom, she holds vital keys that balance generational gaps.

Shama grew up in Sweden and focused most of her professional adult life on health and wellness. She has also been involved in various types of entrepreneurship. Her deep family values are intrinsic to the Heartland Collective vision.

As an elder she is a big inspiration to visitors and volunteers as she openly shares and teaches about her vast life experience. Her vision is to fully embrace learning, and continue to shed what is not serving and deepen what’s of value both from past and new perspectives.

Natalie Houston

Retreat Operations
Natalie Houston brings a unique blend of corporate acumen and small business consultancy expertise to the table, with two decades of experience in hospitality sales and operations for Fortune 500 companies. Her expertise lies in orchestrating events and food and beverage operations, coupled with a keen focus on closed systems to drive process improvement. Natalie is also the creative force behind a boutique advertising company and is a talented graphic designer.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Natalie’s passion lies in holistic wellness and personal transformation. She is dedicated to assisting individuals in healing their mind, body, and spirit, using the dimensions of wellness as a guide, and to facilitate transformative experiences that empower individuals to thrive. Natalie’s love for all things culinary is matched only by her unwavering commitment to stewarding the natural world as a dedicated advocate for Gaia.

Luis Solis

Development Chairman
Luis makes a difference. Luis contributes to Heartland's excellence and longevity through offering key support to create scalable financial infrastructure. A Stanford Business School/Law graduate with honors, Luis resides in Boulder, Colorado, near his sons Sebastian and Gustav (both in the enterprise software industry), where he delves deep into EDM, the outdoors, writing and spirituality.

He’s presently kick-boxing lymphoma cancer. His twin means of impact consist of Innovation Alchemists, strategic innovation advisor to major brands, and fullXpression. conscious guide to exceptional leaders seeking to reclaim Life Purpose. He acquired VANS and took it public in 1991 as a junior partner at LBO-shop McCown de Leeuw & Co.

Tammi Riedl

Farm Lead

Joel Bennett

Build Lead

Brian Krawitz

Creative Technology Evangelist

Cammi Murillas

VR Architect