Our vision is to co-create a living & business system that succeeds in the same symbiotic way nature thrives. Through great communication, focus, desire, and collaboration we can achieve our vision. All Heartland projects play specific roles in the thrival of the Heartland Collective, and all projects uniquely stack onto one another to better assist the entire collective.

CoLab Campout

CoLab Campout is a village building microfestival model designed to showcase Heartland to the world in a fun and regenerative fashion. The event model is also available to other intentional communities as a way to build their land based projects. See CoLab Campout for more information. Join us next year!

Heartland Hospitality

Visitors to Heartland are welcomed by one of our Hospitality staff. Various camping options are available to visitors, and the hospitality manager helps guests find their spot and sees to your comfort. While here, it's our mission to showcase how to live more regeneratively and provide various opportunities for you to explore your own genius and flow states.

Event Production

We are currently seeking event partners with aligned events for 2020 in the InnerWork & Transformation categories. If you have an event or know someone looking for a venue, connect them to the Heartland Collective. We hope you can join us as a participant for any of our upcoming events.

Heartland Food Farm

The food farm currently provides food for residents, visitors & volunteers. In 2019 we stared re-building our garden zone, and are looking forward to modest harvest season. In 2020 we look forward to an abundant harvest offering weekly extended community gatherings with food for many Farm to Table events and workshops.