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About Us

The Heartland Collective is made up of core team and an always growing number of Heartlanders. People living full time at Heartland that are invested full time in forming the Heartland Collective vision are considered core team members.

Family, friends, and visitors often come through Heartland and think they will be here for a day, a week, or a month often get inspired to help Heartland thrive through a life time relationship. This is what we call our Heartlanders. The Heartlanders are super fans, and they have often helped in various stages to make Heartland what it is today.

Meet Our Core Members


We love our Heartlanders! Without the support of these magical beings, there is no way we could do what we do! There are more Heartlanders than we have listed here, stay tuned for more updates :)

Heartland History

We all know that people have lived directly from their land and thrived through their collective communal resources for thousands of years.

Over time culture slowly changed, which caused lifestyles to change. New technologies were invented to fit the evolving lifestyles. Every idea and action was most likely done with good intention to create more balance, happiness, and value to life.

Unfortunately a lot of forward thinking ideas and inventions have now caused more separation and more overall unhappiness than what we truly desire.

Many people find themselves on a hamster wheel running as fast as they can hoping for a better tomorrow. Others feel somewhat hopeless and lose themselves in front of the TV. The daunting financial overhead for life, unsustainable practices, unbalanced lifestyles, bad health, and poor systems are all too common. A new way of life is calling and must be invented.

The realization of this has created a desire among many to create a regenerative land based lifestyle. One that honors sacred ways of life, balanced use of new technology, and a focus on co-creating abundance on all levels.

Heartland was purchased by the Gustavsson family in 2013, and has been in a very private incubation period for 3 years. The vision was made public for its 2016 celebratory 4th of July event called the Fractal Lake Campout.

Heartland is on an off-grid, solar-powered, 25 acre lakeside property. The vision is to share Heartland with you through transformative events, and offer you food from our delicious organic food farm. We are also launching a regenerative business incubator, and the first business involved is the Fractal CoLab.

The mission at Heartland is to inspire people! Our vision is to co-create a living & business system that succeeds in the same symbiotic way nature thrives. Through great communication, focus, desire, and collaboration we can achieve our vision.

In the Summer of 2017 the Heartland Collective, Fractal CoLab, and ImagineX Productions unveiled the CoLab Campout which was the first annual 4 day Village Building MicroFestival focused on the 4 core values of Heartland.

The 4 core values are; Outerwork, Innerwork, Transformation, and Celebration.