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Welcome to Heartland!

We are an off-grid, solar-powered, 25 acre lakeside venue and permaculture inspired business incubator. 

The Heartland Collective is a lifestyle rich collaborative. Heartland exists where the wilderness of off grid life meets an artistic collective extravagance that sings possibility to the fringe dwellers of the Regenerative Eco Village movement. Heartland offers people a break from the craziness of what so many call "life" and a view of what can be co created with each other for each other. As in permaculture, the Heartland model is about doing more with less, it's about allowing our individual and diverse natural Flow states to merge forging new pathways of co-creation that are the true answer to our collective purpose. 

We invite teams & individuals to come build through our Heartlander worktrade program or join retreats or workshops focused on one of our 4 Heartland Pillars; OuterWork, InnerWork, Transformation, or Celebration. We invite start-ups a unique launch pad with massive value added services including; private offices, open land, organic food, recreation, community and human resources.

We hold creativity, innovation, connection, and shared leadership as core building blocks of our vision. Our private membership based organization offers various  levels of engagement.

You've been called here, and we invite you to explore our tracks.

Heartland Collective is a prototype for a larger collective of regenerative communities where members can use a commonly held currency that interchanges between each location offering unique flexibility.

Heartland Highlights


The Heartland Experience

Escape the hectic city life to an adventure at Heartland. A one hour drive from Sacramento airport or a 3.5 hour drive from the bay area brings visitors to Heartland’s offgrid lakefront location in the Wheatland, CA area.

Farm fresh food will nurture the body, mind, & soul of all visitors to Heartland. Heartland has a 1 acre commercial farm loaded with automatic irrigation, perfect nutrient rich soil, and a southern facing location providing optimal sun. Along with the massive amount of love we give our food, this perfect growing combination offers the most amazing fresh farm to table experience!

As a paid member you can let your body rest or do the opposite in one of the adventurous opportunities we offer like; paddle boarding, hiking, or building.

Various membership options are available ranging from daily to weekly visitor passes, events & retreats, to timeshare and even tiny home ownership.

For Heartlanders (Volunteers)

While in service Heartlanders have the opportunity to explore various activities including land management, event production, farming & permaculture, building, and art.

Some people come for a weekend, and others stay for much longer. The Heartlander WorkTrade program involves onsite work with a 6 month long personal growth program based on 4 different books; The Four Agreements, Braving the Wilderness, Tribal Leadership, and Stealing Fire. Each book establishes various opportunities for Heartlanders to grow as a person, and to better understand the Heartland culture.

Heartland is an opportunity to begin exploring a redefinition of people’s lives and as a pathway for them to explore if a regenerative offgrid lifestyle is something the person would like to be a part of.

For Entrepreneurs

If business incubation is an attractive option to explore, this is the next level. Entrepreneurs can focus, prototype, and build a fitting project on a still lake in the middle of 100’s of open acres offering various nature field day break opportunities.

Spectacular team building opportunities also create a solid foundation for long term success. When hunger strikes fresh organic food is offered from the farm. Various art filled extraordinary office spaces await.

This inspiring low overhead work environment with monthly events is sure to offer a very sweet space for the right companies to bloom.